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GUITAR CHORD CHARTS (Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced)

Beginner Guitar Chords

Intermediate Guitar Chords

Advanced Guitar Chords

Beginner's Introduction to Guitar
Sit in the correct position with back straight and the bottom of the guitar resting comfortably over your leg/knee. If you're not in a comfortable relaxed position then you will find it more difficult to learn. It's also important not to strain or tense your muscles too much, the more relaxed you are the more flexible your fingers are.
When you first start the strings will probably hurt your fingertips a little. This is normal and after a couple weeks, the skin on your fingers will toughen. Many beginners press too hard therefore increasing the pressure on their fingertips.

First Things First - Reading Music
When first learning to play guitar it's no good trying to jump in at the deep end, even if you have experience of playing other instruments. You should first learn how to read chord diagrams, learn a few chords, then practice changing from chord to chord. Start off with a few major chords like C, D and G. Once you've mastered those chords and changing from one to the other move on to another three chords (e.g., Em, Dm and F) and do the same with them.
Once you have familiarized yourself with chord diagrams and can competently change from chord to chord whilst simultaneously strumming a rhythm you may choose to learn how to read guitar tablature. However, you should continue to learn all the major, minor and 7th chords until you can recall them without reference and until you can change from chord to chord competently. In fact, you should continue to practice indefinitely no matter how long you have been playing or how good you are.

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