Why did I create kid-songs.com?
Becoming a Dad inspired me to learn kid-friendly songs.  Even though I could play the electric guitar solo to Tom Sawyer by Rush, the bass line to So What? by Miles Davis, and Billy Joel's Big Shot on piano, I could not play the ABCs, Barney's Theme Song, or Sesame Street on any instrument!  I needed a solution to my problem.  Surely, the Internet had a website for learning the songs my daughter loved?!  I scoured the Web for reliable lyrics and chords to a variety of classic and modern children's songs and surprisingly found none.  Many songs were listed in different keys or simply had the wrong chords.  Some websites copied/pasted from others.  It was frustrating!  Thus, kid-songs.com was born.  I developed this website to help myself and others.  I have personally researched each song posted and customized the musical arrangement and lyrical layout.  I'm a high school teacher for almost 20 years so hopefully that shows with my presentation of each song!  Please let me know if you need help understanding any of the songs.

How did you identify the songs on this site?
The classics were personal favorites from my childhood.  My two-year old daughter, Sophie, helped me identify the modern songs.  She has a great ear and knows what she likes and when she likes it!  Sophie loves the TV shows Sesame Street, Barney, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (about the only TV we currently allow).  I often hear her singing the catchy songs and have found them fun to learn and play. I hope you enjoy playing and singing these songs with loved ones, too!  And thank you to the inspiring musicians, writers, and producers of quality educational entertainment for children!