Barney’s Theme Song*

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Key: G major

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Capo: None

BPM: 114

Style: Folk

Comments: Quick changes make this challenging for beginners.  FYI, this song is often confused with Barney’s I Love You song.

[Verse 1]
G                         D    
Barney is a dinosaur

        G                D

from our imagination

       G                              C
And when he's tall, He’s what we call

     D                  G        
A dinosaur sensation


[Verse 2]

G                                           D
Barney's friends are big and small

         G                                D
They come from lots of places

G                         C        
After school they meet to play

        D                       G 
And sing with happy faces


Barney shows us lots of things

Like how to play pretend

ABC's, and 123's

        G        D        G
And how to be a friend

[Verse 3]
G                                        D
Barney comes to play with us

         G                              D
Whenever we may need him

G                     C
Barney can be your friend too

   D                         G
If you just make-believe him!

*The melody and chords are the same as “Yankee Doodle”.