We Are All A Family (from Sesame Street)

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BPM: 101

Style: Rock

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Key: C major

Capo: None

Comments: Quick changes and the A# make this challenging for beginners.

[Intro: no music, just humming]

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm?!

[Verse 1]

   C           Em        A#                              F

A family, A family, What, what, what is a family?

    C            Em       F (stop)           

A family, a family, what is a family?

[Verse 2]

C            Em           A#            F
Brothers, sisters, a Mom or a Dad

C                 Em                    F                     

Hangin’ out, spending time, much fun to be had!

C                         Em      A#                       F
Soccer with your Uncle, Fishing with your Aunt

C             Em           F (stop)

Grandpa sure does love to do a dance;

[Short Interlude: no words]

C                                               G             C      

[Verse 3]

                C          Em    A#                 F

There’s a family of fish, flipping in the sea

     C            Em        F

A family of monkeys up in a tree
 C            Em    A#                 F

There’s a family of ducks playing in the mud
 C           Em   F (stop)

And a family of bugs on a flower bud (wahh!)



Sometimes they’re near sometimes they’re far,

            F                              C

they’re still your family wherever they are


Families are sweet, families are fun,

    F                                  C

around the world we’re a family of one.

[Verse 4]

C           Em        A#              F

We are, we are, we are all a family,

C           Em        A#              F

We are, we are, we are all a family

C           Em       F                   C

We are, we are, we are all a family.