Molly of Denali

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BPM: 106

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Difficulty: Beginner

Capo: None

Key: G major

Style: Folk

Comments: Read Molly and Trini’s lines before each music line.

                                                                 G       C       G
Molly: Hey everyone, it's me, Molly!    Molly of Denali          

                                                                           G       C       G
Molly: Let's go!                                      She's Molly of Denali

Molly: (laughing) Whooo!
                        G                                       C       G                       C
By a plane or sled or snowshoe, she is ready to explore

                                                                                 G                                  C           G                        
From Kaktovic down to Juneau, always wanting to learn more

Molly: Yeah!

                             G                                           C       G                      C
Together with her best friend Tooey; always by her side

Trini Mumford: And Trini!

                         G                            C            G                  
Discovering the outdoors on adventures day and night

                                                                                             Em                               C                 G
Come along with Molly (Molly), through fields of fireweed

                                                                       Em                        C                   D

          Come along with Molly (Molly), from tundra to the sea

Molly: Mahsi' choo! Let's go!

          N.C., percussion only
Molly of Denali  

Molly: Yeah!
N.C., percussion only

          She's Molly of Denali, come on, let's go!  

G     C       G
Molly of Denali    
                      G     C       G
She's Molly of Denali