Elmo Didn’t Mean To (Sesame Street, 2012)

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BPM: 54

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Difficulty: Novice

Capo: None

Key: D major

Style: Folk

D                                               C               G
Elmo thought that winning was everything

D                                      C      G  

Elmo thought it would be fun
D                                                C          G

But when all you care about is winning


It’s not fun for everyone

D                 G                                              D

Elmo didn’t mean to, didn’t mean to be like that

D                        G                                                  D

He was kind of mean too, wishes he could take it back


Elmo didn’t mean to

D                                                    C      G

They say it doesn’t matter if you win or lose

D                                         C        G

It’s how you play the game

D                                                  C        G

But someone didn’t play too nice


Elmo is his name

D                G                                                  D

Elmo didn’t mean to; wishes he could start again

D                 G                                                  D
Elmo didn’t mean to; he wants to be a better friend
D                 A                                                 D

Elmo didn’t mean to; now he knows what he has to do